Our Goal:

Inform the public
Unknown problems are rarely solved. By creating a dialogue with the public, we can hone in on key issues and bring about grassroots change.
Provide Visibility
We are in communities all over the United States, knocking on doors and speaking in public spaces. Being seen is almost as important as being heard. The more often people see your organization, the more likely it is that they will get involved.
Inspire Action
When thousands of people join forces to lend their voices, donations, and volunteer time, there is no limit to the change that can come.

Getting Publicity for the Campaign

In the nonprofit world, being an unknown entity can make it difficult to get any traction. Getting name recognition for your nonprofit and educating the public about the issues you address is paramount to the efficacy of your organization.


Our Campaigns

Passionate Staff
Our hiring and training methods ensure that only qualified and passionate individuals represent your campaigns.
A face to the name
When your organization is branded in the public eye and backed by passionate conversations with real people, you will expand your reach and brand.
Messaging and Funding
We understand the immediate and long term needs of organizations vary greatly. Our team is ready to help you generate campaign materials and messaging to the public that highlights the best of your mission.
Maintaining the privacy and security of your donors and members is absolutely critical. We are fully PCI compliant, registered and bonded as a commercial fundraiser in the state of California.

Setting the Goals for the Campaign

Clear goals result in clear outcomes

In order to maximize the success of your organization, it is important to ensure that you are being represented exactly the way you wish. Face to Face Outreach will design a custom campaign to give your the organization the most from a grassroots campaign that addresses all your funding and membership goals.

Where do you want to be visible?

There are hundreds of cities across the United States, all waiting to be a part of your nonprofit. Face to Face Outreach can go anywhere in the U.S to provide your organization with the visibility and membership it needs in key markets.

what type of involvement are you looking for?

Are you running a short term campaign or looking for life-long donors? Do you prefer annual members, or monthly supporters? Looking for surveys, petitions or data gathering? At Face to Face Outreach, we are committed to interfacing with the people your organization needs and getting them onboard your campaign.